Fire Steve Kragthorpe…Season II

September 1, 2008

Ah…another Governor’s Cup game is over.  Special K now sits at 0-2 in his career in this important game, one of which he stated just last week “this is huge.”

Not huge enough to actually win, mind you.

Not huge enough to actually bring a prepared team to, mind you.

Not huge enough to actually give a crap about, mind you.

Unless, of course, the idea is to make all the Louisville fans wistful for the glory days of Cooper at the helm.

Tom Jurich recently told the Courier Journal that “Everybody knows out there what kind of coach he is.” Which is to say that yes, we know he’s a complete piece of crap that is in so far over his head that no matter how many life preservers you toss him, Tom, he’s done for…

He continued on, saying “I think the only place that doesn’t is Louisville, Ky.” Oh no, Tom…all of Louisville and Kentucky and the entire United States knows exactly what kind of coach he is.  The only person who doesn’t know what kind of a coach he is appears to be you, Mr. Jurich.

Jurich closed out his typical praise for Special K by saying “I want a great leader of men in this program, and I know we have one. The more I’ve seen of Steve, the more impressed I’ve been.” Ugh…so Jurich finally admits the truth – he really does want a loser like Special K at the helm.  One who can’t get the job done, unless of course, that job is to completely destroy Louisville football while decimating the fan base and the team to Ron Cooper type levels.

A final note…When asked if Kragthorpe needs to beat UK to win back some of his own fans, Jurich said: “I don’t know if they’d come back even if he did win. I don’t think he is worried about that, though. I think he wants to do the best job he can, and our fans, they’ll make their own decisions.”

In other words, Jurich sticks the middle finger of both hands directly into the face of every Louisville fan out there, says “F You” , and goes to pat his “special” coach on the back for a job well done.



November 24, 2007

As expected, Nebraska pulled the trigger today on head coach Callahan.

Let’s look at something really quick. Callahan had a record of 27-22 at Nebraska, or a 0.551 win percentage.

Kragthorpe had a 29-22 record at Tulsa. This translates to a 0.569 win percentage.

Let’s go ahead and add Special K’s Louisville games to that total. His overall record is 34-28. This translates to a .548 win percentage…even worse than that of Callahan. In terms of Louisville alone, Special K has a 0.455 win percentage.

Why is Special K our coach again? And how long is he going to be allowed to trash our team?

Special K Whiteout Game…

November 24, 2007

I’m convinced that all Louisville fans ought to wear white (not black) to the Rutgers game next week. First of all, it makes the statement that Special K needs to go. Secondly, it shows that the fans aren’t abandoning the team…we’re just abandoning Special K.

Even if you don’t support the sending Special K anywhere but Louisville campaign, or even if you do…go and watch Brohm’s last game as a Cardinal. He could have (and should have) entered the NFL draft after last season. He came back to win the national title…he came back for us…and was handed Special K to ruin those dreams, and it probably (let’s be honest…it did!) cost him a lot of money and draft position.

And will the Turtleneck please step up to the plate and FIRE STEVE KRAGTHORPE?

PS…if there is any good to have come from Special K’s impact on the Cardinals…it’s that season tickets will be in good supply soon. When I entered the University of Louisville back in 1989, students could get season football tickets for $20.

College Football week 12

November 24, 2007

First off…With LSU getting rocked by Arkansas yesterday, we know the BCS standings are going to change come Sunday. Here’s what I’m hoping will happen…I’d love to see West Virginia beat UConn today. West Virginia is currently ranked third in the BCS standings, and a win today should solidify them rising and playing in the mythical national championship game. Yes, I know West Virgina would still have to beat Pitt next week, but come on…Add to this a win by Missouri, and West Virginia will for sure be set up for a BCS national title.

Why? Because I’m tired of the continual talk of the Big East being a poser conference. West Virginia has problems, to be sure, but I’m guessing by January they’ll have those figured out. A national title from a Big East team isn’t a bad thing (after all, my Cardinals are in the Big East), and it at the very least should give one side a call for a playoff system in BCS football, and the other side ammunition as to the Big East not being a conference that doesn’t deserve it’s BCS standing (because everyone should know that honor belongs to the Big Ten).

Next, we need #4 BCS ranked Missouri to beat #2 BCS ranked Kansas. And then go on to lose in the Big 12 title game. Bwahahaha…so the BCS will be shown as the joke that it is.

The Ohio State University is lurking at #5 in the BCS standings…ick…I don’t want to watch another Big Ten team get rocked in the national championship game. But, if everything works out, it’d be The Ohio State University v. West Virginia in the title game…which is both good and bad…Big Ten exposed as the weak stuff it is, Big East captures the national title…hopefully, everything plays out as it should.

Also hoping Syracuse can beat Cincinnati. Not that I care either way, but a win by Syracuse will probably cement the indignation of going from first to worst for the Cardinals…which only adds more fuel to the fire of why Steve Kragthorpe needs to hit the road.

I’m making the assumption that Rutgers will throttle us next week, but gee, with Special K at the helm, he’ll figure out someway to make it happen. Only issue is I’ll be watching it live and in person, which isn’t going to be good…but I’ll have on my white “Fire Special K” sweatshirt at the game. That’s right, Special K…I’ll be there rooting for the team, all while making the statement that you need to go.

Volunteers v. Wildcats in about an hour. My prediction…Kentucky again feels the sting of getting beat by Tennessee. Drops the Wildcats’ record to 7-5. And yet, UK fans will still crow about how great this team was. Instead I’ll claim that LSU has been overrated all year…Louisville wasn’t overrated, but our coaching hire was…he took huge talent, and turned it into a joke. Which reminds me…FIRE STEVE KRAGTHORPE!

Tennessee makes it to SEC title game…beats LSU…and the BCS goes wilder still.

However, the SEC is far from being overrated. Kentucky can be proud of it’s record, regardless of how this game turns out, because the SEC is the best football conference bar none.

As I watch the Arkansas-LSU game…

November 23, 2007

…I’m just wondering how bad things are going to get under Special K for my beloved Louisville Cardinals.

A couple of notes per this game…Houston Nutt is rumored to be out at Arkansas…he’s definitely got more talent than Special K in terms of running a successful show. They also featured the full page ad run in support of Fulmer @ Tennessee. This guy has a national title…and Tennessee has really shown improvement as the season has progressed. Unlike the Cards, who seem to get worse each time out, despite a win here and there.

Commentators just stated while showing a picture of the coach that “Houston Nutt now in his tenth year. Is this his last regular season game?” They’re giving LSU all they can handle right now.

But it is looking like we’re stuck with Special K for at least another year. I find it ironic that he’s come to the conclusion that the outcry of Louisville fans is “…fine. I understand that. That’s the nature of being a coach and that’s the nature of being in a public position. I knew the expectation level coming in here. I didn’t shy away from it. I knew that it was high. And I can tell you again that my expectation level was extremely high in terms of where I want this program to be.”

You think giving a national interview claiming you were of a “national championship mindset” might have led to even higher expectations? Eh? Ah?

And why is it you can only speak in generalizations? Why can’t you tell us about all these “unforeseen problems and issues”? Why can’t you detail how you plan on righting the “ship” you’ve crashed into the reef and is now taking on water?

I’m convinced every Louisville fan ought to wear white to the game next week. And “fire Special K” shirts. I know what I’m wearing to the game on Thursday!


Mitch McConnell isn’t a Republican, Episode II

November 20, 2007

In the last entry, I mentioned how Kentucky Senator and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was failing to indicate he was a Republican in what can only be described as an extremely early re-election commercial. We’re nearly a year away from the election, and while we’re hearing Crit Luallen will be filing to run against Mitch, no Democrat of worth has filed yet. But it’s almost a YEAR AWAY from the general election!

So it’s obvious Mitch is scared…and thinks he’s doomed at this point in time. There is plenty of time for that to unfold, yet. Unfortunately, the reasons he thinks he’s doomed aren’t matching up with reality. I do think Mitch doomed – but for a whole other spate of reasons. We’ll discuss that in the next post.

I’ve now seen a new 30 second cut of the ad, that actually identifies McConnell as a Republican for about a second in a screen text overlay. It removes some other issues that I took offense to, but it’s still just as offensive.

Beyond the lack of identification in the ad, my first problem is the fact that McConnell thinks it fine to compare himself to Vice President and Senate Majority/Minority Leader Alben W. Barkley.

Alben Barkley was a very special man. A Democrat, Barkley served Kentucky in the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and as Vice President for Truman. He was in the Senate during the Great Depression, and worked to pass many of the “New Deal” pieces of FDR. While I don’t condone excessive government expenditures, the Great Depression was a time that needed them, no, required them.

Mitch McConnell isn’t an Alben Barkley. He obviously thinks way too much of himself. He’s got a lot more to do to claim to be at that level. Again, a topic for the next post.

Secondly, and perhaps even more disturbing to me as a fiscal conservative, the overall point of Mitch’s ad seems to be the vast amounts of pork he can and has directed to Kentucky. Wow Mitch, send more of that “free” money our way.

Kudos and thanks to the folks from Ditch Mitch in KY for the mention. While I’m sure I have some disagreements with them in terms of pure politics, I can’t say I disagree with their goal of removing Mitch McConnell from the Senate.

Rumor mill…Special K to SMU?

November 20, 2007

Pat Forde of is reporting on rumors swirling that Special K could be one and done in Louisville. He’s actually being a bit more specific than that…

SMU is interested in Kragthorpe and quoted a U of L source “close to the program” that it’s “50-50” that Kragthorpe would leave if the job were offered.

I can’t tell you how exciting this information is. Without a doubt, I’d be on cloud nine. And it isn’t just Louisville that wins in this case…

Advantages abound all the way around!

  1. Special K gets a team at a school appropriate for his level, another turn around job, and another chance for success (SMU would be happy with the “success” he engineered at Tulsa, which isn’t ever going to be the case in Louisville)
  2. Special K is gone!
  3. Turtleneck doesn’t have to slice his friend’s throat.
  4. Special K is gone!
  5. We get to grab Chris Peterson of Boise State (my first choice) or Brian Kelly of Cincinnati (my second choice).
  6. Special K is gone!

Everyone wins! Well, everyone except Boise State and/or Cincinnati. Oh well…everyone doesn’t get to be happy.