Mediocrity Exists Here

August 31, 2008

Ah…we’re three quarters through this year’s edition of the governor’s cup challenge…and ugh…

Score is 10-0, UK.  Nope, just got Hartline to intentionally ground it in the end zone…safety, so 10-2 UK.

Defense appears better prepared thus far.  Offense does not. Chichester is a hoss…

Special K will likely be letting the cliches rip after the game.  And we’ll be ripping Special K, during and after the game.  He needs to go…now would be nice.


Louisville sues Duke…Special K is holding his breath…and UK Loses to an Unknown

November 9, 2007

Three topics in this post, which I don’t normally do. But this is a special situation, I think.

First, I have to mention Louisville suing Duke over Duke backing out of a football contract with the ‘Ville. Weak. Couldn’t this have been solved without resorting to this sort of action? It makes us look desperate to throw W’s on the schedule, and it also makes us look petty.

I suppose considering the major damage Special K has inflicted on the ‘Ville in his short (but yet way too long) tenure as our “head coach”, it makes sense to be desperate for a guaranteed W on the schedule. But, based on the “coaching”, I think it just as likely that the ‘Ville could end up getting beaten by a team as pitiful as Duke.

When you consider how Syracuse absolutely dominated the ‘Ville at Papa John’s, it’s even possible Duke could have rung up a couple of wins against us. After all, our offense has already been exposed as being quite Duke-like, and it’s steadily grown worse through the season.

Again…this is a weak, weak lawsuit…and we’re so much better than resorting to tactics like this. I guess my issue is the thought that somehow, Louisville claims it can’t find an opponent of Duke “quality.” Wha-wha-wha-wha-what?

Just come out and admit it…it’s that the Turtleneck believes that Duke represents a guaranteed (ahem, you might want to rethink that with Special K at the helm) win against a BCS conference opponent? It certainly can’t be based on the long history Duke has on the gridiron? HA!

I’ve got to think there are a number of quality, non-BCS opponents to be had…Boise State, anyone? How about an opponent like Hawaii?  Oh, those wont work, because they aren’t a guaranteed “W”. Truth be told, they would probably be a guaranteed “L” with Special K.

Hey Turtleneck…as long as Special K is the “right man” for the job, I don’t think we can consider ANY school on our schedule as a “W”. Just go ahead and schedule a team like Temple…Special K can probably go .500 against a team like that.

Please, please…fire Steve Kragthorpe.

Now on to our loss at West Virginia. Again, the Cards have shown a bit of spark in terms of defense, but we’re still not really good. According to ESPN, Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe said he held his breath on White’s final run, hoping for a tackle that never came.

Wow…we’re down to holding our breath and hoping. That’s major league coaching, Special K! If you’re two years old, that is.

Kudos to Brohm…he managed to bring us back into a game we trailed 31-14 in. Nice to see Brohm doing everything he could, but that’s kind of what we expect from such a special player. I just hope he doesn’t fall too far in the draft based on the horrible pox Special K has inflicted upon him and the team. We still rank high offensively, but nowhere near last year, and nowhere near even though the start of the season.

West Virginia is a quality, quality football program.  But, as good as West Virginia is, they tried their absolute best to give us the game. The penalties, the turnovers, the overall lackluster effort…not what one expects from West Virginia. They still probably will end up finishing second in the Big East, but I’m guessing they’ll take this game as a wake up call.

So…Special K has failed to win out. As you’ll recall, I had already promised to take back my demands for his firing if he could do so. We now sit at 5-5 for the season, and still are not eligible for a bowl.  Think about that…ten games into the season, and we’re still not eligible for a bowl.

Special K has nine days to hold his breath and hope for getting the team ready to lose at Raymond James stadium at the hands of the USF Bulls (something I’ve witnessed in person, much to my chagrin, on a family vacation). And then we get to move on to get beaten at home by Rutgers…ending our impressive one game home winning streak!

As bad as I hate to pour salt into the wound, I simply must close out with a short PS. UK fans, take heart. One game in basketball does not a season make (there are already folks calling for the head of Billy G in the bluegrass state). Yes, it was a shocking win by an unknown. Yes, it’s even more significant that App State knocking off Michigan (App State, after all, is the defending I-AA champion). Yes, Billy G looked shell shocked throughout the entire game. And yes, Louisville will be spanking you hard this year. But please…keep Billy G!

Seriously though…I’m not a UK hater.  But please…keep Billy G!