As I watch the Arkansas-LSU game…

November 23, 2007

…I’m just wondering how bad things are going to get under Special K for my beloved Louisville Cardinals.

A couple of notes per this game…Houston Nutt is rumored to be out at Arkansas…he’s definitely got more talent than Special K in terms of running a successful show. They also featured the full page ad run in support of Fulmer @ Tennessee. This guy has a national title…and Tennessee has really shown improvement as the season has progressed. Unlike the Cards, who seem to get worse each time out, despite a win here and there.

Commentators just stated while showing a picture of the coach that “Houston Nutt now in his tenth year. Is this his last regular season game?” They’re giving LSU all they can handle right now.

But it is looking like we’re stuck with Special K for at least another year. I find it ironic that he’s come to the conclusion that the outcry of Louisville fans is “…fine. I understand that. That’s the nature of being a coach and that’s the nature of being in a public position. I knew the expectation level coming in here. I didn’t shy away from it. I knew that it was high. And I can tell you again that my expectation level was extremely high in terms of where I want this program to be.”

You think giving a national interview claiming you were of a “national championship mindset” might have led to even higher expectations? Eh? Ah?

And why is it you can only speak in generalizations? Why can’t you tell us about all these “unforeseen problems and issues”? Why can’t you detail how you plan on righting the “ship” you’ve crashed into the reef and is now taking on water?

I’m convinced every Louisville fan ought to wear white to the game next week. And “fire Special K” shirts. I know what I’m wearing to the game on Thursday!



Preseason USA TODAY/ESPN Top 25 Coaches’ Poll out

October 26, 2007

The first USA Today/ESPN Coaches’ Poll has been released for 2007/08. Interesting, to say the least, but then again, not a single game has been played, and tourney time is a long way off.

Of note, of course, is that my favorite team places #6 in the poll. Pitino should, barring the injuries that have proven so devastating over the last few years, have a lot of success with the current crew. If Padgett can stay healthy, this is a team that can go the distance, even without winning the ultra-tough Big East.

In terms of the Big East, Georgetown comes in at #5, Marquette comes in at #12, Pittsburgh makes an entrance at #20, Villanova bangs in at 25, giving the conference a total of six teams in the field. Syracuse is up there at #27, Connecticut at #30, and Notre Dame at the end of the published rankings with one vote.

Not bad, but I’m sure we’ll see a resurgent Cincinnati (perhaps not this early, however) and I’m thinking West Virgina won’t suck…they rarely do.

Other local teams of note: A Tennessee team that may make orange fashionable (oh, please no) comes in at #7 and many consider them the creme of the SEC this year. Side note, my oldest is a Tennessee fan. Indiana comes in at #9 and the “Wez No Needz Billy D. cuz Wez gots Billy G.” faithful and toothless see their team come in at #22. 23,000+ for practice…and we wonder why people think there is nothing to do in Kentucky except date your cousin. Interesting that the team the “G” man left UK for is ranked at #14. Florida is currently unranked at #36.

My thoughts on the field…UNC, coming in at #1, is loaded with talent. Expect them to run their series record against UK to 20-10 this year. This team is smoking hot, and deep as the Pacific ocean.

#2 UCLA is coming off back to back final four appearances, and should consider anything less a failure (and knowing the UCLA faithful, they will).

#3 Memphis…again, a team with so much depth it might be scary. They should run the table in the pitiful Conference USA (and probably still wish they had been invited to the Big East) and might not be in danger of losing a game until February 23, 2008…when Tennessee comes to visit. I still expect Memphis to choke and make and early exit form the tourney.

#5 Georgetown appears to be the preseason choice in the Big East. But heck, if preseason rankings mean anything, then what in the world happened to my beloved Cardinals in football this year? Oh, I almost forgot…we hired a loser named Steve Kragthorpe. Fire Steve Kragthorpe! Ok, enough of that rant…yes, G-town looks stacked.

In closing the Big East is going to be very tough this year! I think it isn’t out of the question that the conference might get 6 schools in the tourney. And with the debacle that has been the University of Louisville football season this year, college basketball cannot start too soon!