Fire Steve Kragthorpe…Season II

September 1, 2008

Ah…another Governor’s Cup game is over.  Special K now sits at 0-2 in his career in this important game, one of which he stated just last week “this is huge.”

Not huge enough to actually win, mind you.

Not huge enough to actually bring a prepared team to, mind you.

Not huge enough to actually give a crap about, mind you.

Unless, of course, the idea is to make all the Louisville fans wistful for the glory days of Cooper at the helm.

Tom Jurich recently told the Courier Journal that “Everybody knows out there what kind of coach he is.” Which is to say that yes, we know he’s a complete piece of crap that is in so far over his head that no matter how many life preservers you toss him, Tom, he’s done for…

He continued on, saying “I think the only place that doesn’t is Louisville, Ky.” Oh no, Tom…all of Louisville and Kentucky and the entire United States knows exactly what kind of coach he is.  The only person who doesn’t know what kind of a coach he is appears to be you, Mr. Jurich.

Jurich closed out his typical praise for Special K by saying “I want a great leader of men in this program, and I know we have one. The more I’ve seen of Steve, the more impressed I’ve been.” Ugh…so Jurich finally admits the truth – he really does want a loser like Special K at the helm.  One who can’t get the job done, unless of course, that job is to completely destroy Louisville football while decimating the fan base and the team to Ron Cooper type levels.

A final note…When asked if Kragthorpe needs to beat UK to win back some of his own fans, Jurich said: “I don’t know if they’d come back even if he did win. I don’t think he is worried about that, though. I think he wants to do the best job he can, and our fans, they’ll make their own decisions.”

In other words, Jurich sticks the middle finger of both hands directly into the face of every Louisville fan out there, says “F You” , and goes to pat his “special” coach on the back for a job well done.


Oh, yet another slew…

November 21, 2007

So Special K needed to call a press conference to let us know that not only is he committed to destroying the University of Louisville football program, but also his own career, since he plans on this being his “last” stop.

In fact, he’s “100% committed!”

This nightmare just isn’t going to end…

Could it be…

November 21, 2007

Ok, first and foremost, it’s probably way too early to be celebrating. But, the University of Louisville has called a 3:00PM press conference with Special K.

Chances are, he’s simply going to reaffirm his “commitment” to Louisville (committed to driving the car into a solid brick wall, no doubt). But for many of us that bleed red and black, there is a slim hope that he’s gone.

The saddest part of this, is it’s the first glimmer of “hope” in this horrible season.

A Win…albeit an Ugly One…

October 27, 2007

Special-K managed to complete his task in what he defined as a “must win” game. And it was a very ugly win, that wasn’t certain until cornerback Rod Council pounced on a ball fumbled at the Louisville 3 yd line and the offense got to take over, closing out the win.

More uglies: Louisville was penalized 8 times for 61 yards. This team is undisciplined and the penalties pile up quickly, negating our offense. A pitiful Pitt team, arguably one that is coached worse than Louisville, and has been decimated by injuries came “this” close to sending the game to overtime.

This game shouldn’t have been close, but yet, it turned out to be very close. The way Pitt marched down the field before turning the ball over makes me wonder how our defense is ranked as high as #89 in the nation. We’re not showing any, any improvement on defense. We close out the season with games against West Virgina, South Florida and Rutgers…we’re going to have to do much better in order to win these three.

Signs for hope: We have a 1 game home winning streak! Woohoo! Special-K didn’t call any stupid fourth down plays, instead settling for a field goal when that’s the natural call to make. Special-K is also 25% of the way through my personal challenge to win out (like he or the Turtleneck give a crap about what any Louisville fan thinks).  We’ve broken the two-game home losing streak Special-K had led the Cardinals to.

Now the difficult part: #6 West Virginia, #11 South Florida and soon to be unranked Rutgers. Fans did turn out for the game, despite knowing that Special-K is ruining our team. Special-K now has the team at 5-4 for the season, one win away from bowl eligibility. But I don’t think one more is going to do it…six wins won’t get Louisville a bowl game this year, and you’ve already lost four times as many games as last year for the entire season.

A win is a win is a win…so I’ll take it. But with the three upcoming looming ahead, I can only hope that we can at least be competitive, even with Special-K standing around on the sideline acting like he’s a head coach.