Special K Whiteout Game…

November 24, 2007

I’m convinced that all Louisville fans ought to wear white (not black) to the Rutgers game next week. First of all, it makes the statement that Special K needs to go. Secondly, it shows that the fans aren’t abandoning the team…we’re just abandoning Special K.

Even if you don’t support the sending Special K anywhere but Louisville campaign, or even if you do…go and watch Brohm’s last game as a Cardinal. He could have (and should have) entered the NFL draft after last season. He came back to win the national title…he came back for us…and was handed Special K to ruin those dreams, and it probably (let’s be honest…it did!) cost him a lot of money and draft position.

And will the Turtleneck please step up to the plate and FIRE STEVE KRAGTHORPE?

PS…if there is any good to have come from Special K’s impact on the Cardinals…it’s that season tickets will be in good supply soon. When I entered the University of Louisville back in 1989, students could get season football tickets for $20.


Big East bowl Eligibility in Eleventh Week of Football Season

November 10, 2007

I thought it’d be nice to take a look at the teams from the Big East that are now bowl eligible in the eleventh week of the college football season while I watch the Illinois-Ohio State game. Pretty good game (as far as Big Ten football goes) thus far, score sitting at 21-14 at the half.

I’d love to see the POS that is Ron Zook beat Ohio State…because I shudder to think of another National Championship game featuring the Buckeyes…heck, I’d even take the Zooker over Special K! Nah, not really…but then again…

They are: Connecticut, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Rutgers, and South Florida. Five teams have bowl eligibility currently. Notable absences from the list? Just one…the University of Louisville. I mean, who expects Syracuse or Pitt to be bowl eligible ever?

But I guess Syracuse (sitting at 2-7 currently) can take some satisfaction that they not only beat Louisville…they did so in Louisville, snapping the Cardinal’s 20 game home win streak.

So no matter how disappointing their season has been, they know they schooled Louisville hard @ Louisville…dominated them. When you consider Louisville entered this game as a 37 point favorite…omg… surely we’re not point shaving? Nah…it’s just that our “coach” is Special K.  He’s not smart enough to shave points…

How bad was the Syracuse loss? Consider what Pat Forde of ESPN said

Believe it or not, the biggest underachiever of 2007 is not the Wolverines, or even the Fighting Irish. The Dash says it’s the Cardinals, who have plummeted from the top 10 after consecutive losses — including a shocker Saturday that, by point spread, ranks as the biggest upset on the books. Ever. Before this game the Orange were in strong contention for worst team from a BCS league.

That’s bad…really bad. And it’s the perfect example of the multitude of reasons the Turtleneck needs to cut his losses and fire Steve Kragthorpe. It’s worse than App State knocking of Michigan. It’s worse than UK getting schooled in Rupp Arena by a team no one ever heard of. It is, without a doubt, proof positive that Special K is NOT the man for the job.

As for Pitt…they’re the best example in the Big East of being coached worse than Louisville. Truthfully, they’re the only example of being coached worse than Louisville in the Big East. But in Pitt’s defense, they have been wracked with injuries, and like I said…who expects Pitt to be going bowling anyway?

I know, I know…some of the Special K apologists out there are going to insist that Special K is in his first year. There is no way a first year coach can come in and have an immediate impact. Ha! Please…just look at the northern point of the Golden Triangle and justify that. Sure…you’re going to argue that Special K beat Cincinnati…is that another “moral victory”?

You’re also going to come up with the “but we almost beat West Virginia!” argument too…and while West Virginia did nearly everything to hand us the game, Special K couldn’t close the deal! Our end series was a perfect example of how NOT to run a two minute drill.

And how about the whole “it’s a rebuilding year.” We all knew it would be! Ahem…NOBODY thought that. Check out the preseason rankings. Check out the rankings until the Syracuse disaster. Check out the rankings until the Kentucky disaster. NOBODY, not even the Turtleneck, expected this to be a rebuilding year.

Louisville sits at 5-5…and with two games to go (USF and Rutgers), I don’t see Special K getting two more, even one more win this season. And considering ten (10) SEC teams are bowl eligible, are you going to tell me that anyone other than a fool is going to select a 6-6 Louisville team over an SEC team? I don’t think so…

In essence, that means our bowl appearance streak is over, our winning season streak is over…and the biggest reason lies firmly at the feet of Special K. And therefore, it lies firmly at the feet of the Turtleneck, who is standing by “his man” no matter what. He’ll give “his man” as much time as it takes to prove he was the right man for the job.

No…I’m not calling for the head of the Turtleneck. He’s proven himself too many times as being the man for the job at Louisville. However, I think he miscalculated on this one…his coaching “search” tainted by the idea that he had to find someone who considered Louisville their final destination, first and foremost. While I do want to see a coach that is going to stay long term…I wouldn’t have selected a “coach” who’s claim to fame was a sub-Louisville season at Tulsa and a Liberty Bowl win.

Besides…we’re all human, and we all make mistakes. But how long is it going to take the Turtleneck to realize and correct his mistake. But I’ll promise you this…with each loss, with each lie about how we knew this was a rebuilding year, with each failure to (publicly) recognize and fix the mistake, we creep closer and closer to not caring if Jurich moves on to Florida State as he’s expected to.

As bad as the Ron Cooper era was…the Special K era is going to be even worse. Most ‘Ville fans will recall what the Pipe told us many years ago. “We are on a collision course with the National Championship. The only variable is time.”

Let’s just say that the loss of Petrino and the addition (and trust me, it’s difficult to think of anything Special K “adds” to the University of Louisville with the exception of being a horrible “coach”) of Special K greatly extends the variable that the Pipe mentioned. And I’d like to make another such statement. “With Special K at the wheel, we are on a collision course with a brick wall. The only variable is how much damage is done to the car!”

But luckily, Special K is holding his breath and waiting, no he’s hoping, for that elusive sixth win!  Meanwhile, Cardinal fans have to hold their breath and hope that Special K doesn’t total the car.