About badqat

Just an ordinary guy living in the sticks.

Real details:

Male, 38 years old, Republican, pragmatic, and the divorced father of two wonderful boys.

College grad with degrees in: English/History (Associate of Arts), History/Political Science/Education (Bachelor of Arts), Public Administration/Public Health Administration (Masters of Public Administration).

Currently located in Southern Kentucky, but pondering relocation…probably further south. I love the beach!

Consider myself pragmatic in politics: Mainly of a conservative bent, but as I’ve said…I’m pragmatic, and choose based on the big picture, not one simple talking point.

Huge University of Louisville fan. Don’t talk smack about my Cards.

Apple fan as well, even though this is being written on a non-Apple laptop. I’ve bought two iPhones thus far, and I’m sure it’ll be my choice in phone for some time to come. Maybe soon I’ll be posting from a MacBook…


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