Fire Steve Kragthorpe…Season II

Ah…another Governor’s Cup game is over.  Special K now sits at 0-2 in his career in this important game, one of which he stated just last week “this is huge.”

Not huge enough to actually win, mind you.

Not huge enough to actually bring a prepared team to, mind you.

Not huge enough to actually give a crap about, mind you.

Unless, of course, the idea is to make all the Louisville fans wistful for the glory days of Cooper at the helm.

Tom Jurich recently told the Courier Journal that “Everybody knows out there what kind of coach he is.” Which is to say that yes, we know he’s a complete piece of crap that is in so far over his head that no matter how many life preservers you toss him, Tom, he’s done for…

He continued on, saying “I think the only place that doesn’t is Louisville, Ky.” Oh no, Tom…all of Louisville and Kentucky and the entire United States knows exactly what kind of coach he is.  The only person who doesn’t know what kind of a coach he is appears to be you, Mr. Jurich.

Jurich closed out his typical praise for Special K by saying “I want a great leader of men in this program, and I know we have one. The more I’ve seen of Steve, the more impressed I’ve been.” Ugh…so Jurich finally admits the truth – he really does want a loser like Special K at the helm.  One who can’t get the job done, unless of course, that job is to completely destroy Louisville football while decimating the fan base and the team to Ron Cooper type levels.

A final note…When asked if Kragthorpe needs to beat UK to win back some of his own fans, Jurich said: “I don’t know if they’d come back even if he did win. I don’t think he is worried about that, though. I think he wants to do the best job he can, and our fans, they’ll make their own decisions.”

In other words, Jurich sticks the middle finger of both hands directly into the face of every Louisville fan out there, says “F You” , and goes to pat his “special” coach on the back for a job well done.


One Response to Fire Steve Kragthorpe…Season II

  1. Jeff Hurst says:

    Well I have had enough… is time for hime to go…..from taking us from the Orange Bowl to the Toilet Bowl two years in a row and then onto a 3rd year in the Toilet Bowl…..

    He can not coach, he can not recruit, he can not motivate, he can not play call and he can not win!! What valued recruit could actually sit down with this guy and say I want to play for him!!

    Mr Jurich, what more do you need….suck up your pride and deflate that big head of yours and admit you were wrong…I know that it may be the first time you were wrong BUT YOU WERE WRONG on this one.

    The play makers we have now with the exception of Anderson (and we got him by dafault) are all Petrino players….tell me one player that Krap-thorpe has recruited that is a play-maker….

    It is time to pull the string on this….please do not let Cardinal Football continue to suffer…..he will have a losing season this year it is just a matter of how big a losing season it will be….

    KY tried to give us the game and he could not even manage to get that win either. Karp-thorpe’s ony saving grace is (1) you and when you finally admit that you made a mistake and (2) a weak schedule and even weaker Big East that he will not be able to win in…

    I saw Karp-thorpe on TV tonight about starting the Big East off with a win against Pittsburg and then and I quote “on to a Big East Title”!! You have got to be freaking kidding me….I am not even sure that he can beat anyone in the down Big East…

    It is over and time to move on. I hope you have his replacement in mind….


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