Cardinals sit at 5-6…and this season is just the first step in the Special K era

Ahem…uh, eh, ah…I guess I’m in a state of shock at how quickly, how hard and how far the Louisville Cardinals have fallen. Frequent readers will note that I’m not a Special K supporter. That I want Special K gone. But watching the game against USF last night was simply stunning. Heartbreaking. Wool gathering. Folks, this was Ron Cooper bad.

When you consider the talent we have on the offense, how Special K can simply call a continual slathering of ineffective, repetitive, ignorant plays…it just defies all logic.

Eric Crawford, of the Louisville Courier Journal had this to say about Special K’s play calling last night –

U of L’s offense consisted of Brohm to Douglas. You’d expect that of a guy playing with the Cards on his PlayStation at home, but not from the actual team. That big laminated card that coach Steve Kragthorpe holds? I wondered at times if it wasn’t a big Waffle House menu, because the Cards looked scattered, smothered and covered for most of the night.

Special K is not Bobby Petrino. We know that. But when someone who covers the Cards for a living can see that there is absolutely NO logic or thought process, heck, not even a script, with our offense, it’s time to wonder if Special K can work either side of the field. We already knew Special K isn’t a defensive genius. But this game blows the wraps on any possibility Special K might have some talent on the other side of the ball.

I knew it was bad. I’ve been calling for the head of Special K since the Syracuse game. But I didn’t think it would get so bad this quick. I figured it would take Special K a couple of years to decimate the program. Now I realize that if Special K is given a couple of years, we’re looking at coming back from NCAA death penalty proportions. Nuclear winter. A 20 megaton nuclear weapon with Papa John’s as ground zero.

Folks, this is bad. Really bad. More to come…but even the morning after, I’m still not recovered enough to analyse this game the way it needs to be done.

It’s a hangover, sure…but there wasn’t any fun in getting to this point. A news conference announcing Special K’s resignation would be a welcome aid to this recovery. A news conference to announce Special K will not be retained after this season would be a welcome aid. A news conference in which the Turtleneck says “hey, I screwed up” and Special K is GONE NOW would be the best medicine.

Notes to the Turtleneck. If this is your guy…immediately trash any and all plans of stadium expansion. If this is your guy…immediately lower the price of season tickets, because filling seats is going to be a problem. If this is your guy…buy him a book of clichés, because he’s going to need it to keep us entertained in lieu of actual performance on the field. If this is your guy…force him to hire stellar coordinators who can do the job absent the presence of a head coach. If this is your guy…perhaps it is time for you to seek the greener pastures of Florida State so you can fire Bobby Bowden and take the next step in your throat slicing career.


One Response to Cardinals sit at 5-6…and this season is just the first step in the Special K era

  1. yournamehere says:

    He has got to go! He may be the worst coach in a BCS conference.

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